Jack Bernstein


Jack was CRI-Help’s third client and has been saving lives at CRI-Help for over 45 years now. His personal motto is “The only people you should consider getting even with are those people who’ve helped you”

Marlene Nadel

Director of Client Services

Marlene has been of service to CRI-Help for over 43 years. She is a proud CRI-Help alum (class of 1971 baby!) and says that watching CRI-Help evolve has been one of life’s best gifts. She ensures that clinical staff provide effective, culturally competent, evidence-based services for clients. Marlene is a cowgirl at heart – when she’s not running things at CRI-Help, you can find her on the trails riding her favorite horse, Louie.

Dr. Burstin

Residential Detox Doctor

Dr. Burstin, Residential Detox Doctor at CRI-Help, has been the primary medical consultant at CRI-Help detox since 2004. He began specializing in substance use disorder treatment in the early 1980’s. Dr. Burstin was Chief Resident at Cedars Sinai in 1969 and maintains staff privileges therein. Dr. Charles J. Burstin has substantial training in the prescription of Subutex and Suboxone used specifically for opiate detox. He makes rounds in detox 7 days a week and is known for his patience and compassion.

Kim E. Long

Pfleger Outpatient Program Manager

Kim E. Long, Pfleger Outpatient Program Manager at CRI-Help, has been working in the field of addiction treatment for over 14 years. Professionally, she has been known for her dedication and empathic counseling techniques.

Marco Pardo

Spirituality and Grief Counselor

Marco Pardo, Spirituality and Grief Counselor at CRI-Help, has been the Spirituality and Grief Counselor for CRI-Help for over 18 years. What motivates him to do his work is the joy of witnessing the transformations that take place in the lives of people who suffer from addiction. His goal is to minimize or eliminate the unnecessary suffering of his clients and replace it with joy and hope.

Brandon Fernandez

Operations & Development Manager

Brandon joined the CRI-Help family in 2013 after working with various nonprofits, both in the U.S. and abroad, striving to improve health outcomes for marginalized populations. Brandon loves CRI-Help – he is inspired by the idea that through healing individuals, we simultaneously heal families, the community, and ultimately produce a positive effect globally. “Who knows whose lives we’ve changed through the work we’ve done!”

Nicole LaCombe

Detox Unit Manager & Program Nurse

Nicole LaCombe, Detox Unit Manager & Program Nurse at CRI-Help, began as a detox technician in 2003-2005, subsequently working in many different treatment centers before becoming CRI-Help’s Program Nurse. Nicole continued her education at UCLA’s Drug and Alcohol Counseling Program and finally Citrus College for Nursing in 2009.

Eva Hafner

Chief Support Technician

Eva Hafner, Chief Support Technician at CRI-Help, is passionate about CRI-Help and its mission to introduce clients to a new way of life. She often says, “CRI-Help saved my life, so in turn, I have dedicated my life to CRI-Help for the past 30 years.” When she is not working with clients, you can find her gardening or volunteering for CRI-Help’s bingo fundraiser.

Susan Stewart


Educated at UCLA, Susan works with families of alcoholics and drug addicts in her multti-family group, where she helps them begin the healing process. What motivates Susan is watching the miracle of healing and the transformation of families coming together and clients becoming productive members of society.

Mary Grayson

Chemical Dependency Worker

Mary Grayson, Chemical Dependency Worker at CRI-Help, is passionate about working one-on-one with clients and introducing clients unfamiliar with 12-Step programs to Narcotics Anonymous, a resource that saved her life. She has been working in the field of addiction treatment for 16 years. She strives to be remembered as a woman in recovery living by spiritual principles.

Gary Horejsi

Socorro Program Manager

Gary specializes in relapse prevention with young people and family therapy. He joined CRI-Help as a Support Technician at Socorro in 2011. After a short departure, he returned in 2012 as a Chemical Dependency Worker at the George T. Pfleger Center. As of 2017, Gary has rejoined the team at Socorro as their Program Manager.

Jane Wilson


Jane has been in recovery for over 23 years and working in the field for the past 6 years. She loves to see a spark of hope ignite in her clients and her passion is working with family systems. Her areas of focus at CRI-Help include the Parenting and Smoking Cessation groups. She is CATC-1 certified and a CCMI in-training.

Vana Perigo


Vana is CADC-II certified and has over 8 years of experience working as a substance use disorder counselor. Coming from a past of addiction herself, she is passionate about helping others overcome their addictions and improve their lives and relationships. According to Vana, “to give real service you must give something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”