Pictured above: Marcus Sola, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CRI-Help, Inc.


CRI-Help, Inc., a nonprofit organization established in 1971, maintains as its mission an increasing commitment to: the belief that addiction is a treatable disease; provide programs of treatment, education, prevention, counseling and rehabilitation for chemically dependent individuals and their families; improve the welfare of the community through our programs and by linkages with other groups, agencies, etc.; help our clients in sustaining a drug free life, while being self‑sufficient, law‑abiding and productive members of society; make available at least 51% of our beds to those unable to pay for treatment; maintain our programs in safe, healthy facilities; provide long term residential treatment in conjunction with other appropriate levels of care; involve our clients with an appropriate 12-step program; seek and implement improved modalities of treatment.

“The ​staff really tries hard to meet each client where they are at…they go above and beyond to help.” –­ Julian