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​Admissions Process


CRI-Help is here to help you when you’re ready. We have 44 years of experience treating drug addiction and alcoholism. Let us help you live clean and sober one day at a time.


To begin your journey on the road to recovery, a phone interview is necessary to assess an appropriate treatment recommendation. All phone calls are confidential. Each program is separated by gender to ensure a positive and safe space to heal. If you are experiencing any signs of overdose, please call 911 immediately.


Our specialists can answer a wide range of questions, including information on how to help an alcoholic or drug addict, withdrawal, detox, and relapse. See our Addiction Information page for further explanation on chemical dependency.


As CRI-Help operates on a principle of assisted access, our intake specialists will provide information on scaled rates, payment methods, and insurance benefits. Please see our Financing ​Options for a list of accepted insurance plans for each treatment option.

“There’s no doubt in my mind, without CRI-Help I’d be dead, or worse yet, still hopelessly addicted.” – Marc