Privilege Card holders are trusted individuals who selflessly provide their time, supporting clients with their ongoing recovery, while modeling a drug free lifestyle.

To become an active privilege card holder, please fill out the application below in its entirety.

For the protection of clients, it is required that all Full Privilege Cardholders transporting CRI-Help clients maintain valid auto insurance and have a valid driver license.

If you are requesting a Restricted Privilege Card, you are not required to have valid auto insurance and / or a valid driver license – however, please note that Restricted Privilege Cardholders are not permitted to transport CRI-Help clients.

All applicants must have a minimum of six months in recovery – clean and/or sober.

Personal Info

Are you familiar with anyone residing in our facilities?

Clean/Sobriety Date

Please list two references who might assist us in approving this application. If no references are submitted, or if we are unable to contact references, your application may be rejected.

Reference #1
Reference #2
Proof of Auto Insurance (Must be attached in order to apply for Full Privilege Card)
Upload a photo of your valid insurance card

All documents are confidential and transmitted securely.

Proof of Driver License (Must be attached in order to apply for a Full Privilege Card)
Upload a photo of your valid DMV-issued license

All documents are confidential and transmitted securely.

All privilege card applicants must read and agree to abide by the following rules and procedures:

CRI-Help, Inc.
Pfleger Center / Socorro
Privilege Card Holders and Sponsors

On behalf of CRI-Help, Inc. and its facilities, we would like to welcome you to the network of support that provides our clients the opportunity for a drug free lifestyle and ongoing recovery.
Your involvement will provide our clients with the ability to develop social ties with members of 12-Step programs. Through practicing the 12th Step with our clients, we expect there to be a mutual benefit and our clients will realize recovery is, in fact, possible.
Maintaining this program requires that we have rules supporting the process of recovery. Therefore, we need your cooperation while our clients are under your supervision. Our program is not Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, or any other 12-Step program and we have rules that our clients must follow. We expect you to assume the responsibility of supporting our rules while our clients are in your company. If you don’t understand, or agree with our rules, please contact administration for clarification and consideration. If you cannot support these rules, for the benefit of all, please do not submit an application.
We ask that you not advise our clients to leave the program or suggest that they don’t need to be in a program; many clients may end up in jail as a result of such advice. Please do not enter the dormitories or kitchen, unless on a tour with a staff member. If you would like to see a particular staff member, please have the receptionist announce your visit.

The following are appropriate ways to utilize a privilege card:
A) Daily Step Study: We encourage your attendance. This is a good opportunity to get to know the clients and staff, and to share your experience, strength and hope with newcomers.

B) Privilege Card Passes: These passes are for the primary purpose of attending 12-Step meetings with recovering members of the fellowship. We expect the pass to include the attendance of a 12-Step meeting from beginning to end. Each pass must be requested by you and you must take at at least 2 clients, of which you may select one; we assign the second client. You should call the facility at 818-985-8323 (Pfleger Center) or 213-222-1440 (Socorro) at least 24 hours before you would like to take the clients out on pass. You may take them out for coffee or to a program-related activity if time permits. Passes can be up to 6 hours with a curfew of 11:00pm. These passes are not for taking clients to movies, sporting events, visiting friends, family, boyfriends or girlfriends.

C) Saturday (Socorro) / Sunday (Pfleger) Pleasure Passes: Pleasure passes are from 10:00am to 6:00pm, and are based on the buddy system. Pleasure passes are designed to introduce clients to ways of enjoying themselves without the use of mind-altering chemicals. As such, we prefer that passes center around what you typically do, rather than what the clients wants to do.

D) Sponsor Passes: Sponsor Passes are to be taken with the client you sponsor and must also include attending a meeting.

E) Visiting the Facility: You are welcome to come to the facility and visit during the day and early evenings, except on Saturdays during facility clean-up or other times as determined by staff.

Note: B., C., and D., above require that we possess proof of your current auto liability coverage. Please be sure to provide us with copies of your auto insurance renewals.

The following are expectations of you:
1. If you spend time visiting at the facility, we expect the men’s focus to be on the men and women’s focus to be on the women.

2. When coming to the facility to pick up client(s) for a pass, you will be required to sign the pass to verify that the pass accurately describes your plans. The technician on duty will present the pass to you for signature.

3. When returning with client(s) to the facility, you accompany the clients back to the technician on duty.

4. You are expected to directly supervise clients you take off the facility, as this is the only means to assure you are aware of their activities at all times.

5. You are expected to get clients to 12-Step meetings on time, and make sure that clients stay in the meeting until it ends.

Following, please find the rules clients must adhere to while they are out with you. Your cooperation is necessary to ensure the well-being and safety of our clients:

1. Clients are not permitted to meet, or make arrangements to meet, anyone at a meeting or at other locations while on pass. They are not allowed to make phone calls.

2. Clients are not permitted to receive money outside the appropriately approved procedure of receiving money. If you are interested in giving any client money, please check with staff for the appropriate procedure. You may buy them coffee or take them to eat, etc.

3. Clients must remain in the meeting while the meeting is in session, and not in the parking lot, lobby, coffee area, etc.

4. Current CRI-Help clients are not allowed to talk to ex-CRI-Help clients who have been out of the facility for less than 30 days, unless the ex-CRI-Help clients have completed the program satisfactorily and are still sober / clean.

Infractions of these rules may could result in the client’s discharge from the program.

Your signature below indicates acceptance of CRI-Help’s rules and procedures for the use of the Privilege Cardholder program.

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