“CRI-Help has literally given me my life back. ­­­ I’m free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.” ­ – Jenni

“There’s no doubt in my mind, without CRI-Help I’d be dead, or worse yet, still hopelessly addicted.” -­ Marc

“You ​can’t get a more comfortable or loving setting without jeopardizing your checkbook.” -­ Vicky

“The staff gives you so much courage, hope and faith that you can recover and live a life beyond your wildest dreams. They don’t give up on anyone.”­ – Amanda

“If ​you are serious about recovery and are willing to do the work, there’s no place better than CRI-Help.” -­ Robert

“The ​staff really tries hard to meet each client where they are at…they go above and beyond to help.” -­ Julian

“If ​you want a new way of life, this is the place.” ­- Jose

“CRI-Help is an incredible treatment center. It’s impossible to ignore the recovery taking place around you and it makes you really want it” -­ Chris

“There’s ​something about the place that helped change my perspective” – Amy

 ​“CRI-Help allows us to be part of the community. Working in the kitchen and going on sponsor passes allows me to navigate tricky spots where relapse could occur but I stayed sober.” – Troy